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Chronotron Pro allows to change pitch without affecting temp and/or change tempo
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Chronotron Pro 1.0 is an audio plug-in that can be hosted on any DirectX application allowing users to change pitch without affecting temp and/or change tempo without affecting pitch.
Users are presented with an easy to use interface that they can operate by controlling sliders, buttons and check boxes and all functions are also accessible via the keyboard. Chronotron Pro 1.0 allows users to permanently change the tempo and keys of their audio material. The program uses a re-engineered algorithm that provides them with a wider effect range, from 25% to 400%, with support for virtually any sample rate and bit depth, for improved sound quality. The program can be used during playback of most types of media, including WMP video files.

A Transient check box feature on the interface activates transient processing when checked by users giving them an improved sound quality. Moving the slider keys makes music play with increased or lowered pitches and slider keys can be controlled with buttons for increasing/decreasing pitch levels in whole steps, or to increase/decrease in small increments. To link key and tempo together, users need only check the Link box feature to implement the re-sampling algorithm, which will ensure clearer sounds. Chronotron Pro 1.0 has a loop function for users of Windows Media Player only that provides them with easier music and speech transcription. This feature is accessed through the interface’s Loop in and out buttons.

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  • Loop function only available to WMP users
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